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Adhere to the management reform to create characteristic management
New sublimation has been committed to the transformation of family management, the modern enterprise management standards; constantly revising and improving with distinctive characteristics of the enterprises, administrative, technical, quality, three management system documents, breaking the family of private enterprises, experience management, continuing to promote institutionalized, planning and management of modern enterprises. Construction enterprises from the core business involving the sale, supply, production, quality, technical, financial and other aspects of management and information systems, truly real-time management, greatly improving the management efficiency. Enterprise management level in the same industry leading position, provided adequate power and technical support for rapid development of enterprises.

"Information quickly to ensure success"
Information superiority is the enterprise to survive in the future market competition and a foothold in this network to provide enterprises with a whole new way. Make full use of the site the ability to display information, business information in sequence, spread out through the website, and closely linked with the internal business processes, information from the outside in and then the form of Intranet / Extranet orderly flow from the inside out, forming a closed loop system can really play the role of the secondary market and management decisions for profitable growth. Intranet / Extranet in real-time connectivity to enterprise organization, contact among members, to improve management efficiency and the rate of feedback. Establishment of a comprehensive information system involving the internal production, supply, marketing and other business links, and comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of the Group's management, the establishment of the internal management of the overall information superiority, the key to business e-commerce.

Under the correct leadership and directives of the Board of Directors, the new sublimation company to establish a grand strategy of informatization construction:

Step 1: electronic information, which is the first step in a new sublimation wires business to go, but also the premise of e-commerce. New sublimation After several years of information technology investment, and IT infrastructure is already well employees have been quite in-depth understanding of information electronically.

Step 2: On the basis of the information to carry out office automation, integration of functional modules of the integrated e-mail systems, office management, internal Web sites, network management. New sublimation work toward standardization, scientific, and dramatically increase office efficiency, improving the operation of the organization.

Third step: the sublimation of the core business to meet the needs of the integrated management of information, new sublimation waste of money, independent development, cost management as the core requirements and in accordance with ISO9000 quality system management and corporate financial management, construction management involving the sale, supply, production, quality, technical, financial and application information systems. New sublimation of information technology to speed up the manufacturing planning, improve the ergonomics of manufacturing design; timely analysis of critical information on the statistics, integration is the most accurate price, sales volume, the back section, the profit of inventory, sales, accounts, costs and expenses, as data; management decisions based on sales quotas, assembly-line requirements, production order management, contract review management, contract management, manufacturing inform the management and production program management, manufacturing operations management, product storage, finished goods inventory analysis and query manufacturing analysis, sales billing, sales settlement, manufacturing accounting, sales accounting, sales assessment, sales analysis and failure assessment, failure handling, quality feedback, rejects statistical analysis of the key core business management and application; The cost for the wire industry accounted for a larger proportion produced four assessment and analysis of mechanisms, manufacturing employees, the manufacturing team, the manufacturing department, evaluation of material consumption and profit and loss management. And each job number for each process for each product, each series provides a report to facilitate the manufacturing department and enterprise analysis and discovery issues. Investment in information is not too large, but the sublimation of the current development and use of information systems, particularly in the manufacturing systems, marketing systems, wire and cable industry in the country, has a certain degree of technical and management advantages, and to adapt to the industry status quo, pre- implementation of the workload is not low maintenance costs of the late.

Step 4: new sublimation information construction of the ultimate goal, combined with the Internet, e-commerce business processes.
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