DVI Series
DVI/3RCA (24+5) M/M
Rated temperature:80℃
Rated voltage:30V
Scope of application:Computer, digital TV, LCD TVs, projectors and other equipment is connected between the
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DVI /3RCA (24+5) M/M cable

Product Code: X-DVIM/M02

DVI3RCA black head, blue, red, green, black line, L=1.5M

International quality professional HD wire, mainly exported to European markets; TV set using DVI

The aim is to use the digital transmission is not susceptible to interference characteristics, remove the traditional2times / a conversion,

Avoid signal losses; DVI ( DVI-HDTV ), mainly used for connecting the transmission speed of up to about8GBPS

(165MHZ x24bit x 2), suitable for transmitting uncompressed, high definition video signal; HDMI

The highest transmission speed is 3.95GBPS, support HDTV signal high definition images without compression and transmission,

8 channel 96KHZ or 1channel digital audio192KHZ, provide the best frequency response,

Experience of high resolution digital video and multi-channel digital audio on the ultimate enjoyment

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