RG coaxial cable
RG coaxial cable
Specifications£ºRG58 59
Characteristic£º50 75 OHM
Conductor£º19/0.18MM 1/0.643MM
Rated temperature£º80¶È
Rated voltage£º30V
Scope of application£ºCCTV surveillance system, public television antenna, the broadcast signal to control the transmission system, the one-way control system and information transmission, high machine internal wiring.
Oder Line£º0769-85356287
RG coaxial cable

Product ID: X-RG ******

Model RG58, RG59, RG213, RG6, RG11, and so on
Rui: single-core, multi-core, dual ring core
Conductor: tinned copper, copper, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel.
Conductor Size: can also be customized according to the size of the guests.
Braid: single or double, aluminum US wire, copper wire
The number of braid: 48 Code 64 Code 96 Code 128 Code can be customized upon request.
Braid Size: 0.12mm
Insulator PE: transparent, solid polyethylene (PE) Or foam, or stomatal type
Skin: poly (ethylene oxide) of high temperature PVC or non-transitional PVC jacket, plus aluminum mylar longitudinal isolation amplifier according to customer requirements.
Low loss, high rate of transmission, the interference can be minimized.
In line with MIL-17F standards
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