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Models and varieties of cable power

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Models and varieties of power cables in the following areas: 35kV and below power cable model and product representation. Insulation type, conductor materials, the sheath material and structural characteristics of Chinese pinyin first letter capitalized. Such as Z on behalf of the paper (zhi); L, on behalf of the aluminum (lv); Q represents the lead (qian); F on behalf of the phase (fen); the ZR on behalf of flame retardant (zuran); NH on behalf of refractory (naihuo).

(2) the number indicates the outer protection layer, there are two numbers. No figures represent the armored layer, outside layer. The first digit indicates the armor, the second digit, such as thick steel wire armored fiber is 41. Three cable models according to the arrangement of the cable structure of the general order of precedence: Insulation materials; conductor material; within the sheath; outer sheath. Cable product model number, rated voltage and specifications said. In the model and then plus description of the rated voltage, number of cores and nominal cross-sectional area of ​​the Arabic numerals.

Such as VV42-10 3 × 50 copper, PVC insulation, crude steel wire armored, PVC jacket, rated voltage of 10kV, 3 core, with a nominal cross-sectional area of ​​50mm2 power cable.

Power cable models of various parts of the codes and their meanings
Insulation types: V on behalf of polyvinyl chloride; X represents rubber; Y represents polyethylene; YJ representative cross-linked polyethylene; Z on behalf of the paper. Conductor materials: L, on behalf of aluminum; T (omitted) represents copper. (3) within the sheath: on behalf of V-PVC jacket; Y polyethylene sheath; L aluminum sheath; Q lead sheath; H rubber sheath; F neoprene jacket. Characteristics: D does not trickle; the F phase; CY oil-filled; P oil-poor dry insulation; P shielding; Z-DC. Control Layer: 0; two pairs of strip; thin steel wire; thick steel wire. 6 outer layer: 0; a fiber; 2 PVC jacket; polyethylene sheath. Flame-retardant cable in the code before the increase of ZR; fire-resistant cables in the code before, plus the NH. The oil-filled cables models and products indicates that the method of oil-filled cable model is composed of various parts of code by the series code and cable structure. Self-contained oil-filled cable product line code CY. The structure of the outer sheath from the inside topical strengthening layer, armored layer, the outer layer of code combinations said. Insulation type, conductor materials, the order of the Code and the Code of the sheath and product representation to 35kV power cable. Such as CYZQ102 220/1 x 4 copper, paper insulated, lead sheath, the Copperbelt radial strengthen the non-armored, PVC jacket, rated voltage of 220kV single core nominal cross-sectional area of ​​400mm2, self-contained type oil-filled cables.
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