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Wire and cable Definition

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Flat cable (4)
1, bare wires and bare conductor products
The main features of this product is: pure conductor metal, insulation and jacket layer, such as ACSR, copper and aluminum bus, power locomotive line

Wire and cable
; Process pressure processing, such as smelting, rolling, drawn, stranded / compact-stranded; products are mainly used in suburban, rural, the user, the main line, switchgear.
2, power cable
The main features of this product is: squeeze the (around) insulation layer in the conductor, such as overhead insulated cables, or a few core stranded (corresponding to the power system line, neutral and ground), such as Aerial insulated cables with more than two cores or increases the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber wire and cable. The main technology drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapped), a cable, armored sheath extrusion, etc., the process combination of a variety of products have a certain difference.
The products are mainly used in hair distribution, transmission and change, the strong electric power transmission power lines, the current through the (dozens of security to thousands of security), high voltage (220V to 35kV and above).
3, electrical wire and cable equipment
The main features of these products: many different specifications, a wide range of applications, using voltage 1kV and more, in the face of special occasions to derive new products, such as fire-resistant cables, fire-retardant cables, low smoke zero halogen / low smoke low halogen cable, anti-termite, anti-mouse cable, oil / cold / temperature / wear-resistant cable, medical / agricultural / mining cable, thin-walled wire.
4, communication cables and optical fiber

Wire and cable
With the rapid development of the communications industry, from simple telephone telegraph cable development to thousands of pairs, then cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, or even combinations of communications cable.
Such product structure size is usually small and uniform, high precision manufacturing.
5, magnet wire (winding wire)
Mainly used for a variety of electrical, instrumentation, and so on.
6. Derivative of the wire and cable / new products
Derivative of the wire and cable / new products is the convenience and lower equipment costs and other requirements for applications, the applications require different equipment, while the use of new materials, special materials, or to change the product mix, or to improve the process requirements, or different The varieties of products to be combined.
Using different materials such as flame-retardant cable, LSZH / LSF cable, anti-termite, anti-mouse cable, oil / cold / heat resistance, such as cable;
Change the product mix, such as: fire-resistant cables, etc.;
Improve the process requirements such as: medical, such as cable;

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