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Guangzhou City, the network planning in urban planning

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Power facilities land reserved control in the process of urban construction, urban planning, strict control of random adjustment is not allowed. "This morning, Guangzhou City, discussed and passed the" Guangzhou City high-voltage network planning, network planning in urban planning,explicit form of the construction of new power facilities, and give full consideration to the coordination of network planning and environmental protection. The plan by the State Environmental Protection Administration of the EIA approval, the first case of the grid plan approved by the Planning and EIA.

In accordance with the plan, Guangzhou will add three 500-kV substation, 43 and 220 kV substations and 169 110 kV substation and the corresponding line corridor. Construction of power grids in the future will be based on the urban vision of space layout, the nature of land use, development intensity estimates of the regional final saturated electricity load demand advance planning required to control substation and line corridor in conjunction with urban planning, network planning to better meet the needs of urban planning and development needs, while also promoting the rational use of urban land resources.

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